Great knowledge sharing of SEO from Rand Fishking CEO n Co-founder SEOMOZ

We are today going to talk for the very famous SEO company SEOMOZ ,It is the very famous in the SEO industry.Hello again,

We are not going deep into the company but we are interes

ted what it helps to SEO for us.

All the credit goes to Mr Randfishkin,CEO and Co-founder or SEOMOZ.

He is really enthu guy and promoting SEO very great.He runs one program called Whiteboard Friday .

He spread the knowledge on different topics for SEO.I and the whole world appreciate his great efforts.

The videos are really highlighted to the niche topic and very simple language.He also transcript the whole video into down for those can not understand the language.

Last Friday he comes with one more great topic

“Leveraging the power of Slide decks to Boost your SEO,Social+Content Marketing”.

I suggest you to keep Rand Fishkin and SEOMOZ into your circle in Google+.

The Really great guy to follow him on twitter too.

Hope you enjoy the video.


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