What do Sex, Food and Social Media Marketing Have in Common?

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I don’t care if you’re 18 or 80, when you have amazing sex or eat a good meal you want to tell people about it. I’m not talking about routine man and wife stuff or your weekly pilgrimage to Arby’s. I’m talking about the out of the out of the ordinary, crazy stuff, like when you’ve just finished something that involved $200 worth of sushi, 2 gallons of pistachio ice cream, whip cream and a blow torch… and that was the sex….


Not sure I agree with this article. What’s new right?? LOL.

Hear me out, in my humble opinion I have nothing against sex, nor in brands using it to sell…however, I believe if we STOP using sex as a driving force to sell things then we’ll have more satisfied clients.


Why you ask? Sex in advertising is fleeting and unrealistic. It’s hot, here and now. There’s so much sex being sold we’ve become imune to it. Give me brick and mortar. Features and Benefits. Sex is…

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